Assembling the air quality monitor

We wanted our air quality monitors (AQMs) to be weatherproof, so I used cheap, dollar-store tupperware enclosures with snap-tight lids. Each was $1.50 CAD.

The SDS011 must be connected to a short hose if it’s going to be enclosed. I used some hose I had around the house from making beer.

The tupperware needs three holes: one for the intake, one for the power cable, and one for the air outlet—which I, stupidly, forgot at first.

I used a hot glue gun to melt holes in the sides of the cases, pushed the tubes and cable through, and then sealed them up with hot glue. (I did try using caulk; hot glue worked better.) The power cord was rather larger, so I also sealed it with Gorilla Tape, just to be extra sure.

Hot glue to the rescue!
Version 2, with caulk. I made a third version with the case of 2 and the glue of 1. You get the idea.